These are courses for educational purposes that are not part of the certificate programs for the Academic Certificate Programs.
Is the truth really out there? Movies and TV shows like the Exorcist, Ghost, Stranger Things, The OA, and the X-Files all represent psychic phenomena and the paranormal with great insight and often engaging stories. Of course, many of the events in these shows are completely fictional, but some of the stories actually reflect real events or results that have been observed by parapsychologists! On the other hand, paranormal reality shows claim to present events and phenomena truthfully, but actually reflect a “reality” created by uninformed television producers. This fun, 4-week course will explore movies, TV (fictional and reality), and literature and separate the truth from fiction. It will explore how popular culture is influenced by psi experiences, beliefs, and misconceptions about the phenomena. More importantly, it will explore how media representations of psi influence the public's beliefs in and about psi, even to the point of affecting how people experience psi events when they happen.
This 4-week course will focus on the technology used to examine paranormal phenomena. The course will explore Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP), Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC), and other technology that is often used in the investigation of paranormal phenomena. Instructor Loyd Auerbach is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable experts on the paranormal. His courses are always well attended and some of the most exciting courses offered at the Rhine Education Center.
This 4 week continuing education course will examine the phenomenon of Out-of-Body Experiences (OBEs) and offer insights into how you can begin your own journeys to travel out of your body. OBE specialist and author Graham Nicholls will explore the history of OBEs, their relationship with near and shared death experiences, veridical OBEs, OBE science, and his own research into the nature of the experience. The course will provide an in-depth discussion of personal experiences and what these experiences suggest about the nature of out-of-body perception and the continuation of consciousness after death.
A lucid dream is when you know you are dreaming while still in the confines of sleep. This course shows you how to build a holistic and sustainable lucid dreaming practice, which will open up new vistas of insight, creativity and healing. You’ll wake up to your waking life too as you unlock old energy patterns, igniting confidence, creativity, and vitality.

The research findings from the field of Parapsychology have demonstrated that psi abilities-- ESP and PK (psychokinesis / mind over matter) – are functions of normal human beings, much like creativity. Some people are more creative than others in different disciplines, but everyone seems to have some creativity in them, provided they can find it and have some belief it can be developed and utilized.

Developing one's psychic/intuitive abilities is much the same. Some people have a natural aptitude for certain psychic talents that spontaneously manifest themselves, others need to find which applications of psi they have aptitude for and work on bringing them out.

This course will cover the major findings of Parapsychology relating to what makes a person more (or less) intuitive/psychic and will include exercises that will help you both test and develop the abilities you may have aptitude for, including a remote viewing experiment and a "Telepathy" game you can play with your family and friends.

In addition, we will discuss the importance of specific characteristics and beliefs, the range of beliefs about ESP around the world, how personal belief -- whether arrived at because of culture, religion, education or family upbringing -- can effectively support or block psychic experiences, and how to assess psychic readings.