These are courses for educational purposes that are not part of the certificate programs for the Academic Certificate Programs.
A lucid dream is when you know you are dreaming while still in the confines of sleep. This course shows you how to build a holistic and sustainable lucid dreaming practice, which will open up new vistas of insight, creativity and healing. You’ll wake up to your waking life too as you unlock old energy patterns, igniting confidence, creativity, and vitality.

The course will take an in-depth look at dreams and dreaming in general and specifically how psychic information and abilities manifest in the dream state. We will consider out-of-body experiences in the dream state, apparitional visitations, clairvoyant dreams, past-life dreams, telepathic/mutual dreaming and the most prevalent form of psychic dreaming: precognitive dreams. In the course, we take a look at methods of working with dreams in order to further discover and influence your own psi-filled dreaming, and also look at the Lucid Dreaming state and how one might use it to enhance psi even in the waking state.